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Beever and Struthers close to perfect 50-50 split on gender pay

Jo Rigby

Accountants and business advisors Beever and Struthers have achieved an almost perfect 50-50 split in pay balance for male and female colleagues.

Research undertaken by the firm across its offices in Manchester, Blackburn and London showed there was a near equal 50-50 division in pay between male and female staff within each quartile of the gender pay gap report.

Employing a total of 81 men and 72 women for gender pay gap reporting criteria across its office network, the firm’s calculations showed the female mean hourly pay rate for 2019 was minus 2.1 per cent lower than that of men. So, when comparing mean hourly rates, women earned £1.02 for every £1 earned by men.

In terms of the median hourly rate, the hourly rate for women was 1.4 per cent lower than that of their male counterparts, equating to women earning £0.98p for each £1 earned by males.

The conclusions for 2019 showed an improvement on the same calculations for 2018 when the mean hourly rate for women was minus 5.5 per cent lower for women than their male counterparts, with the median hourly rate for women being minus 1 per cent lower than that for men.

Jo Rigby, HR director at Beever and Struthers said: “Our split of female to male pay has improved from the previous 12 months to an almost perfect 50-50 split in each quartile

“Whilst Beever and Struthers is not legally required to report on the gender pay gap because we employ less than 250 people, the firm places a strong focus on equality and found the pay gap report to be a helpful way of understanding why there is a gap and how to make changes to ensure that equality is present across the firm.

“We are a progressive and modern employer and while we’re very proud of these results, our fundamental aim continues to be to recruit the right person for the right role regardless of gender or any other characteristic under the Equality Act and to provide equal opportunity for all.”

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