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Manchester business recognised in global health battle

Barbara Meeks

Delivered Health Solutions has been shortlisted at the prestigious Antibiotic Guardian Awards, which are hosted by Public Health England, for their pioneering introduction of TecCare – one of the world’s most advanced cleaning solutions.

This state-of-the-art infection prevention and control line has been academically researched as providing the most potent impact possible, delivering an incredible impact in a host of NHS and social care settings, reducing the threat of ‘super-bugs’.

Antibiotic resistance has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the most significant threats to global health. To meet this challenge, the national Antibiotic Guardian campaign has urged healthcare professionals to pledge to drive down inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and share best practice in tackling this threat.

Delivered Health Solutions are a national organisation and market leaders within their field.

The Awards, which take place on 27 June in Birmingham, have been judged by leading figures from organisations such as NHS England, Public Health England, DEFRA, the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, and major academic Institutions.

TECCare is a cutting-edge cleaning solution provided exclusively by Delivered Health Solutions. It has been independently assessed as providing world-class antimicrobial impact and challenging the spread of bacteria, viruses, fungi and bacterial spores across surfaces, air and skin. The product twins the highest possible standards of antimicrobial efficacy with an incredible level of safety, setting it apart from all competitor disinfectants and solutions. It is provided in a host of solutions, including canisters, wipes, spray and pump dispenser, ensuring it can be safely and effectively applied in all clinical and care environments.

Since its introduction to the UK market, the product has delivered a remarkable impact in improving standards in a number of NHS and social care settings. In one of the UK’s largest dementia care homes groups, it reduced the number of days in which their portfolio had been affected by norovirus outbreaks from 330 in 2014 to 130 in 2016, an astonishing 61% reduction. This impact has been matched by the clinically assessed introduction of the product in a large NHS Foundation Trust, with researchers finding that TecCare generated an 80% improvement in cleanliness in the testing of 24 key hospital locations.

This success follows Delivered Health Solutions being recognised in three categories of the 2018 National Care Awards, in the Dignity in Care, Training and Development, and Ancillary Worker categories respectively – a unique achievement for a non-care provider organisation .

Barbara Meeks, Managing Director of Delivered Health Solutions, says: “We are committed to bringing the most effective possible solutions to the UK and health care sector. It has been proven with a host of academic trials and in the real-life adoption of this line in many clinical settings that TecCare offers an unparalleled impact in creating cleaner, safer services. In doing so, it enables care services to deliver better outcomes, perform at their best and ultimately can help save and extend lives.

“The threat of antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest challenges to humanity today. We can only overcome this by embracing new innovations, transforming traditional practices and ultimately delivering the best possible infection prevention and control systems possible. This award nomination recognises the impact that the TecCare line can have in responding to these challenges. We are excited by the impact that it will make across the health and care sectors in the years ahead.”