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Manchester Lloyds Banking Group colleagues volunteer to help at Manor Green Primary Academy


Manor Green Primary Academy, Denton, one of the fifteen schools within Focus-Trust, has been revitalised with the support of Lloyds Banking Group and its ‘Helping Britain Prosper Plan’ which saw a team of ten colleagues from the Manchester Commercial Centre attend the school and complete an internal and external transformation.

The SME colleagues from Manchester Commercial Centre spent the day gardening and painting internal stairwells and corridors as part of Lloyds Banking Group’s commitment to volunteering, whereby colleagues are invited to use at least one working day, or eight hours, a year helping support their local community. 

Ten colleagues used their volunteering day supporting the local community by attending Manor Green Primary Academy and working to transform the school’s internal space with paint to make it appear brighter whilst also reviving the school’s outside areas.

Julia Simpson, Relationship Manager at Lloyds Banking Group said: “As part of the Group’s ambition to help Britain prosper, we were thrilled to use our volunteering day to support Manor Green Primary Academy and help our community thrive. 

“We had fabulous weather which allowed us to paint and overhaul planters on the school verge, revamp the School shed and revitalize the raised beds which can now be used by the school’s Gardening Club. We were also able to rejuvenate the corridors and stairwells with the simplicity of magnolia paint making a much brighter and lighter space for the pupils.’’

Debra Warren, Principal of Manor Green Primary Academy, added: “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the ten volunteers who worked wonders on our academy! 

“We are delighted with the changes that have been made which have given our academy building a new lease of life. 

“Ahead of the Summer term it’s great to have had our outdoor areas revived and the children are already showing a keen interest in learning more about the outdoors.  Our Gardening Club have plans to make full use of the space!”