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UK Labs targets 20 exports countries in 2019

Chris Bowman

Warrington based E-Liquids manufacturer, Bowman Specialised Liquids, is targeting a 20 country export milestone, only a year after founding their new range ‘UK LABS E-Liquid’. The company currently exports to eight countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Norway and South Korea and is now targeting Japan, South Africa and Canada, as well as others, as it establishes a greater global presence for its innovative E-Liquids products.

Established in May 2018, UK Labs is experiencing a period of rapid and sustained growth, with its team of eight, focused on delivering the highest quality E-Liquids, in the UK and globally. The growing business currently manufactures six product ranges, with more than 40 available flavours.

Chris Bowman, Managing Director, Bowman Specialised Liquids, said: “Bowman Liquids was established in June 2013, with the intention to supply the UK market with a clean and UK made alternative. The recently formed UK LABS brand was subsequently formed to allow us to push our products into new markets both in the UK and beyond.

“For a relatively new company, UK Labs has experienced exceptional success, across our small but diverse range, both here in the UK and globally. This year, we are aiming to break into more international markets, working with both our partnership stores and distributors to give UK Labs a truly global footprint.

“As well as targeting 20 export countries, we are also developing three news products lines and overhauling our website, giving our customers a greater choice and online experience. All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality, at our bespoke UK facility.

“We are very proud of the products we produce and delighted with the global demand. It is going to be a challenging but exciting next twelve months and one which the team is really looking forward to.”