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Bitrez wins Queen’s Award for Innovation


Bitrez Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist polymers and chemicals has been named a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The Wigan-based company secured the award in the Innovation category for its Bisphenol A (BPA) free resin, Curaphen.

Launched in 2013, Curaphen is used for the internal coatings of food and drink packaging.

Following a worldwide health scare regarding the potential harm caused by BPA to humans, with media emphasis directed to expectant mothers and babies, Bitrez developed Curaphen – an alternative polymer to BPA based grades, for use with non-epoxy-based systems.

Bitrez’s exports have increased by 45 per cent in the past five years, with almost a third of this coming from Curaphen. The company has also doubled its capacity and now runs a 24-7 operation to ensure it can continue to meet increasing volume requirements. To date, Bitrez has sold over 800 tonnes of Curaphen equating to millions of food and packaging containers safely coated with Curaphen every week.

Paul Jones, Bitrez Ltd Managing Director and formulator of the product said: “I’m delighted that Bitrez has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise especially in the innovation category. Resolution of regulatory and technical problems is at the heart of our business strategy and commitment to product development. This is what drives us to continue to design products like this Curaphen grade and being able to manufacture an alternative to conventional BPA derivatives with equivalent performance is a great example of the positive impact creative chemistry and ingenuity can have on our lives.

“This award celebrates everyone at Bitrez who worked so hard to bring the product to market, as well as the loyalty of our much valued supplier and customers who trust in our expertise and commitment to develop innovative products to comply with regulatory reform.”