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SEL Business Languages gives manufacturer a wider global audience

Graeme McLeish

Horwich based SEL Business Languages Ltd is celebrating the completion of a new key, complex translation service for a client. The work involved the translation of 20 pages into 12 different languages, giving their client the capability to inform its customers in their native language.

The proven language solution – translating the two manuals for a welding mask manufacturer based in Bedfordshire – was complex since they needed to be translated simultaneously into some of the world’s more unusual languages, including Czech, Hungarian and Finnish, three of the hardest languages to master.

Working with their international partners and a network of over 3000 native-speaking professional linguists, the company offers a service to translate more than 60 languages. This service is enhanced by SEL Business Languages having partner offices in China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia and Latvia.

SELBL’s Graeme McLeish commented: “It took our team only five working days to translate the manuals into 12 different languages, giving the product a far wider international market. It can now be used both in print and digitally.

“The manufacturer is delighted with its expanded global reach and commended the excellent-value, rapid servicedelivered by SEL Business Languages.

“We specialise in translation, interpreting and language training services for a range of disciplines, across many industries and sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, automotive, legal and digital. Our work is recognised by the Department for International Trade and we are ISO 9001: 2015 self-accredited.”