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Moose Juice celebrates the sale of its 2.5 millionth can with listing in Sainsbury’s

Claire Harper

Greater Manchester business, Muscle Moose, has celebrated a major listing of their hero product, Moose Juice, in national supermarket Sainsbury’s, joining their existing supermarket listing in Asda for other products in the range.

Muscle Moose is a pioneer of the highest quality protein products and operates across the UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the Middle East, whilst Moose Juice is an innovative, functional beverage, leading the way in the drinks category for health and wellness, an industry worth in excess of $4.2 trillion. It is zero sugar, has added BCAAs (protein) and B vitamins and has a legion of loyal fans who are strong supporters of the brand.

Managing Director Claire Harper, commented: “It’s a proud moment for us to achieve our first supermarket listing for MooseJuice. We’ve experienced rapid growth over the past 18 months and it’s rewarding to see hard work paying off and our customers having increased convenience for choosing a healthier alternative energy drink.

People are more aware now than they have been previously of what they are putting in their body; protein and increased functionality are now moving into mainstream and that is a huge positive from a health and wellness perspective. Protein is no longer seen as a niche just for body builders, it is a key part of a healthy diet and we’re pleased to partner with retailers committed to offering their customers healthier alternatives.”