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WonderBill choses Manchester as a hub for technology talent

The new UK office sits in the heart of Spinningfields

WonderBill, a bill management and switching service backed by Shell Ventures and BCG Digital Ventures, has officially selected Manchester as a key hub for technology talent opening up its Manchester office. The new UK office sits in the heart of Spinningfields and one fifth of the WonderBill team is now based in the city.

WonderBill launched in 2016 in order to help the public manage its household bills via a simple app. Currently headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, the company already has around more than 50 employees, with over 115 connected household providers available. Users of the app are not only able to manage their household bills (including, electricity, gas, TV, broadband, mobile telecoms and water) and subscription services (such as Netflix and Spotify), but can also switch energy tariffs, mobile & broadband plans and insurance providers at the touch of button. WonderBill analyses a user’s bill data to make personalised switch suggestions based on ‘actual’ usage, versus current deals and bundles, to ensure up-to-date, accurate savings amounts.

This regional expansion was driven by a spike in consumer demand as an increasing number of Brits strive to become ‘bill brave’, seeking to take control of their household finances with the use of WonderBill. As demand increases, the company’s need to recruit the very latest technology talent has also grown and the firm considers Manchester to be the perfect location to support this expansion.

Gary Higham, the VP of Engineering at WonderBill, explained: “The business is in a time of exponential growth and our next move is critical to our continued success. Manchester has an extensive talent pool for skilled software engineers and developers, so it’s clear to see why it’s a prime location for us to start expanding our WonderBill development team. We are actively looking for ambitious candidates for our new office location as we look to enhance our app’s functionality and meet the growing demand of bill-savvy consumers.”