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Inaugural Jamie Arnold Track Day held for St Rocco’s Hospice


The first Jamie Arnold Track Day has been held in a bid to raise funds for St Rocco’s Hospice in Warrington.

Named after Jamie Arnold who had a condition called Lynch syndrome (LS) also known as hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) a condition that can run in families. The track day was held at the Anglesey circuit with the additional aim of raising awareness for the disease.

Jamie was only 29 when he passed away from colon cancer on 13th February 2018. Jamie lived life to the fullest and married his girlfriend Katie only days after being diagnosed.

The event was a fitting tribute for Jamie who was an avid motorsport enthusiast, just like his father Tim, a motorsport instructor who helped organise the event.

The family wanted the day to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and to raise funds for St Rocco’s hospice which had cared for Jamie in his final weeks.

The track day, which saw drivers take to the wheel and tackle some tight corners in an array of luxury cars, has since raised over £3,215. Donations have been matched by the Equilibrium Foundation, bringing the total to £6,450 as of 19 September.

Tim Arnold, said: “It was a genuinely good day which saw lots of people come together to raise money for a fantastic hospice where Jamie spent his final days.

“Jamie was a very clever lad and very entrepreneurial, optimistic and determined.”

Raising awareness of Lynch Syndrome is close to Tim’s heart as both his other children have been diagnosed with this. He added: “They now go for regular check-ups. The illness is genetic and causes colon cancer and can cause other cancers. If Jamie had got tested at 25 he would probably be with us now.”

The day was held by Wilmslow-based wealth management firm Equilibrium Asset Management whose Founder Colin Lawson is a close friend of the Arnolds.

The firm has held several track days at the Anglesey circuit, but after Jamie’s passing Colin wanted to do more to commemorate his memory and help such a worthy cause.

Colin said: “Jamie was a lovely person and very talented. As soon as we learned of his illness we knew we wanted to try and help him and his family in any way we could.

“The inaugural Jamie Arnold Track Day was the start of something that’s very important as we hope to raise awareness of an illness that took the life of a young man who was in his prime.”

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