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Manchester fashion brand goes international


The multi award-wining children’s clothing brand Kidunk, which was created by Greater Manchester-based childcare experts is going international thanks to a new deal with Norwegian lifestyle distributor; Kitchen and Home.

Kidunk, a range of innovative play clothes for children aged 2-5 years old was launched in August 2017 by Bolton-based childcare experts, Tina and Phill Knight, who own their own nursery and have over 30-years-experience of working with preschoolers. They spotted a gap in the market for practical play clothes, which would allow children the freedom to play without the worry of spoiling or staining their everyday clothes.    Working in partnership with award-winning children’s designer Lisa Joyce, formerly of Cosatto, they combined practical ideas with fashionable styling to create a unique range of play clothes for young children.

Since its launch, Kidunk has won numerous parenting and industry awards for its practical, yet stylish approach to kids’ fashion that encourages all types of messy play!

Kidunk chose the prestigious and renowned Oslo Design Fair to stage its international launch at the end of August with hopes that its unique clothing will appeal to a Scandinavian audience as well as pave the way for future expansion throughout Europe.

They are partnering with Norwegian based Lifestyle distributor Kitchen & Home who specialise in design led, innovative products and are looking to expand into the children’s clothing market.   The company has set-up their own online store as well as pushing the brand to local retailers.

Kidunk Director Tina Knight, said: “The Scandinavian approach to learning through play is at the heart of our brand. Our playful designs appeal to this sector of the market and our research found that although the Scandinavian fashion for neutral, greys and whites is far reaching in homeware and fashion, for children’s play, they prefer brighter bolder clothing design.

“We have had an amazing first year of trading, with a positive response from parents, children and the industry as whole, going to the Oslo Design Fair was another great experience and we hope that it’s just the start of our International expansion.”

Kim Lohne from Kitchen & Home said: “We are proud and excited to introduce Kidunk in Norway. The combination of style and comfort appealed to us and we believe that it will also have huge appeal to Norwegian parents – it is a part of the Norwegian soul to play outside in any weather, come rain or snow, hiking in the forests and mountains. For these activities we need clothing that breaths but at the same time keeps us warm and dry, Kidunk provides the solution for this beautifully.”