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O2 Appoints Manchester Digital Agency e3creative


O2 has appointed Manchester digital agency e3creative this week following a competitive and rigorous tendering process. The leading telecommunications company selected e3creative to drive Pay As You Go sim card distribution and sim card activation across the UK through digital tools and ongoing marketing strategies.

Managing Director of e3creative Jake Welsh said: “ O2 is a brand that we, as an agency, highly respect and are incredibly proud to join hands with. They’re a backbone in the telecom sector and continue to shape how people connect. We look to join hands with brands that want to innovate through great technology and strategic direction, O2 certainly fall into that remit. We will be looking to drive awareness of O2’s products through their Star Trader platform, harnessing higher sim activations and reduce sim waste across the UK.

“ Their sophisticated digital suite acts as an exemplary platform for our strategic teams to amplify and engage new audiences, turning O2 customers into brand ambassadors. ”

e3creative Marketing Director Jessica Bradley said: “ Our plan is to drive the growth of O2 in a tactical way that hasn’t been fully activated before. We will be utilsing core channels to activate the brand. From search, PPC, social media through to CRO, implementing our UX teams to provide research-led strategies to drive better conversions and awareness across the brand.”

e3creative are a digital agency recognised for supporting brands such as Sony, PlayStation and Manchester’s Money Plus Group.