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Buffalo 7 increases staff numbers by over 20% in 5 months Business Manchester


Since the turn of the year, there has been an influx of new talent across the business, with new roles for designers, developers and project managers. After outgrowing their previous office and moving to The Treehouse Suite on Portland Street in October 2017, the presentation design agency put a ten-year plan in place to grow the team in this location. But Buffalo 7’s exceptionally rapid growth has taken even them by surprise.

“We’ve been growing very quickly for a number of years now, and doubled in employee numbers in 2017, but our growth has further accelerated and at the moment we seem to be taking on someone new every week. Plans are already in place to alter the layout of the office to allow more desks, as we’re already close to capacity only seven months in,” said managing director Richard Barnes.

There’s no signs of recruitment slowing down. Having opened a new office in London’s Soho Square earlier this month, Buffalo 7 has developed new strategies to grow their Client Services team in their new Soho office as well as further expanding the Manchester team.

“It’s a really exciting time at Buffalo 7. Having joined the company in 2014, we’ve just grown and grown since making the decision to focus solely on presentations. However, this has been the most rapid period of growth for us. And we’re not done yet! We’re still on the lookout for a number of different roles in both Manchester and London” said CEO Lyndon Nicholson.