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UK tech firm introduces ‘Pawternity Leave’ for new pet owners in Manchester


With the UK home to over 51 million animals, Brits admit to being twice as willing to cut back on their own food than their pet’s and twice more likely to insure their pets than themselves.

Clearly, Britons often put their pets’ well being ahead of their own, despite this, however, they worry a lot about their animals, with 42% fretting about their health.

Due to this, Airsorted, the world’s largest hosting management service, today announces that is has introduced a new “Pawternity Leave” for its employees in Manchester to make sure ruff days are a thing of the past.

The new workplace perk means that employees now get to spend up to a week working from home to heap puppy love and affection on their new pet. Airsorted is a hassle-free, hosting platform that amalgamates and services guest bookings from notable travel websites including Airbnb, Expedia, Booking.com and HomeAway. The company was founded in 2015 by James Jenkins-Yates, who previously worked in finance, and has organised and managed over £25 million in bookings globally. It currently employs 83 employees around the world.

the company is also about to complete a successful crowdfunding on Seedrs.

Airsorted Founder and CEO, James Jenkins-Yates said: “It takes time for animals to make themselves comfortable in new surroundings. Our ‘Pawternity Leave’ ensures that our employees have the flexibility and the support to look after their animals at this crucial stage.”

“We’re particularly passionate about this initiative because we think that our employees, due to the great job they do, make ideal pet owners. They are patient, reliable and natural problem solvers.”

“Manchester is one of our best-performing cities and we’re looking forward to increasing our footprint here and welcoming more employees who can avail of our benefits, like our ‘Pawternity Leave’, as we continue to grow rapidly.”