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Orbit Defence pushes the frontiers in IT solutions

Tom Haslehurst

Newly launched Orbit Defence provides a fresh, human approach to IT compared to standard solutions on the market. Applying cutting-edge technology and world-class partners to an experienced yet innovative team, Orbit Defence delivers cost-effective solutions to de-risk businesses.

Located in Manchester, the team is headed up by CEO Christopher Carr and Chief Operating Officer Tom Haslehurst. Carr has devoted his career to IT with experience across manufacturing, testing, security, finance, and marketing. As well as a law degree and a postgraduate MSc in Information Technology, Haslehurst holds an extensive background in business spanning multiple industries both at home and overseas.

Talking about Orbit’s wider team and objective, Haslehurst quite simply admits “our team come from different backgrounds, however we all have one thing in common: we’ve sat in front of an ageing computer absolutely stumped as to why it will not do as it’s told. It’s for that reason we pull together the brightest minds and share our collective knowledge so that others can sit with their morning coffee and actually like the previously infuriating object in front of them.”

Orbit Defence have built an extensive list of expert partners, including Vapour Media and 4ARMED, to ensure their service delivers world-class, reliable solutions and efficient results. Carr states, “our access to the fastest connectivity solutions available, as well as our capacity to host your website and back it up in multiple datacenters, means you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have the highest possible level of security and, if needs be, instant disaster recovery.”

Despite its Manchester base, the company’s reach and ambition goes much further. Orbit Defence project a client base worth in the region of £400,000 by the end of year one, with year on year growth thereafter projected at 30-50%. To that end, they have been at full sail when it comes to recruitment. With 4 new staff already coming onboard in the first few months of 2018, Orbit have relocated to substantial offices in the city centre to allow for 10 more in the coming 12 months.

Orbit Defence offer flexible contracts for their customers, and, due to their extensive personal experience, specialise in the legal and financial sectors.