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Beast from the East brings unexpected windfall

Kieron James

Whilst this week’s weather has wrought havoc on businesses across the UK, one sector has been snowed under with new customers, and we’re not talking grit suppliers. The conference call sector has been booming as workers dial in from home and even from stranded cars and trains.

Kieron James founder of Manchester based WHYPAY?, a service that provides free conference calls, has seen call traffic increase yesterday by 77% compared to this time last week, said: “It’s been good for us, but I know it’s been terrible for many people. We’re just glad that we’re able to help people stay in touch and keep their businesses on track when a lot of our physical infrastructure is weighed down by the snow and ice.”

“We were expecting an increase, but the upsurge has been astounding.” From the moment the ‘Beast from the East’ blew in, the call numbers started escalating and whilst cars have been stationary on the motorways the traffic to WHYPAY?’s servers has risen every day this week. Call volumes are expected to be at their highest ever level today – Friday 2nd March.

“Our data reflected the actual movement of the weather systems” Kieron added “with dial ins from the eastern side of the company being the first to show up on Tuesday. Today we’ve seen a deluge of calls from Bristol and the South West.”

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Philip Ghayour
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