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No1 Spinningfields leads the way in recycling innovation

A dedicated recycling area was built into the initial building design

Working with ALL+ Management, Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services have commenced a highly innovative and bespoke waste management strategy at the prestigious, newly built No1 Spinningfields site in Manchester City Centre.

A dedicated recycling area was built into the initial building design with the objective of encouraging the highest level of recycling possible throughout the multi-tenanted and multi-use site.

A marketing package incorporating the No1 Spinningfields branding was compiled to ensure the sleek design continues throughout the building and into the recycling area. Occupier handouts and signage were all incorporated to ensure segregation, increased recycling and diversion from landfill.

To allow ALL+ Management the ability to understand the multi-waste streams of each occupier, and achieve the target KPIs for recycling and sustainability of the building, B&M’s Independent Waste Monitor has been installed as an innovative approach to monitoring waste produced by each occupier on-site.

This bespoke equipment allows each occupier’s cleaning operative to follow the process clearly shown on the computer screen to record each waste stream and weight of such, utilising the weighing scales. It also provides the opportunity to confirm any waste contamination, which can then be addressed in service improvement and occupier meetings. A data download in Excel format is available for the Building Manager to save on a central computer for analysis against KPIs.

Jonty Hughes, Property Manager, said “Working with B&M Waste has been easy as they’ve helped us develop the correct approach from the start. Their attention to detail, fully comprehensive training programme for the cleaning staff and waste operatives, and branded up signage has made a significant impact in rolling this out.”

Wendy Mitchell, National Sales Manager, said “Building a solution into the initial building designs means everything has been thought of and accommodated for, and I can’t praise ALL + enough for being so forward thinking in developing an in-house, recycling-focused waste strategy that ensures the site is prepared for any future legislation – all whilst using the very latest technology available from B&M Waste Services.”