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Conference call provider WHYPAY? saves callers £7.6 million in 2017

Kieron James

Manchester-based telephone conference provider WHYPAY? has announced it saved UK callers £7.6 million in 2017.

Data shows that over 150,000 callers used the free conference call platform last year, enjoying over 37 million minutes (or 70 years) of telephone conferences for free.

If callers using WHYPAY? had instead dialled the 08 or short-code access numbers provided by other leading conference services, they would have faced a combined, astounding bill of £7.6m.

WHYPAY? provides permanent, free and instant telephone conference rooms which use a standard geographic rate 03 number. This enables users to join calls from landlines and mobiles in the UK as part of any inclusive bundled minutes they have with their phone provider.

Other platforms, which may not charge users to host or join calls, often use expensive 08 numbers and special short codes, meaning the cost to access their conference calls, particularly from mobile phones, can be very high. In December 2017, WHYPAY? conference call participants dialling from a mobile phone saved £7.35 per call on average.

WHYPAY? operates on an innovative business model generating revenue through a small wholesale rebate it receives from BT on calls to its 03 numbers, rather than charging users.

Kieron James, Managing Director of WHYPAY? comments on the data; “Many providers claim to be free but operate their services on 08 numbers, so when calling in from mobiles, users will be stung by hidden costs from operators.

“When you add it up, the amount WHYPAY? users save each year is staggering, particularly when our service does not involve any compromise on quality.

“We don’t charge to use the WHYPAY? service or any of its extra features. We’re proud to offer genuinely free conference calls to thousands of organisations across the UK, saving a huge amount of money for our users – money which can certainly be put to much better use.

“For example, the £7.6 million saved by our users in 2017 alone would cover the average annual salaries of 200 junior doctors or 400 police officers. It certainly makes you think.” Kieron added.