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Bus fares made simpiler for Greater Manchester passenges


Stagecoach Manchester has confirmed that it will be revising ticket prices from 2nd January 2018 and will also be make bus fares simpler for single fare passengers.

Single fare ticket prices have now been banded into just six categories; £1.50, £2, £2.50, £3, £3.50 and £4.  Whilst some single fares will rise some popular journeys will stay at the same price and some passengers will see the price of their single fare reduce as a result.

Fares will also rise in price on 2nd January including the Manchester 7 day megarider which will change to £15.00, although it will be available for £14.50 via the Stagecoach Bus App.

The Manchester 28-day megarider and megariderXtra tickets will move to £58, continuing to offer good value for money for regular travellers with the tickets providing the equivalent of daily travel across the region for under £2.08 a day which remainssignificantly cheaper than travelling by car.

Speaking about the fare changes, Elisabeth Tasker, MD of Stagecoach Manchester said: “We work hard to keep fares as low as possible for our customers however, due to a general rise in costs we have had to readdress our fare structure.

“Stagecoach Manchester is continuing to use the money from fares to reinvest in greener buses, smart ticketing and other improvements to services. Last year Stagecoach reinvested £9m into its fleet and over the last 10 years over £122m has been invested. .”

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