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Launch of IFSL Equilibrium funds completes – with £350m invested in less than a fortnight

Colin Lawson

 The launch of the new IFSL Equilibrium funds has successfully completed – with around £350 million invested in just 10 days.

Wilmslow-based Equilibrium, which recently broke through the £7 million turnover barrier, believe the ground-breaking initiative will help them to continue their strong track record of delivering superior risk adjusted returns.

Colin Lawson, Equilibrium Founder, and Mike Deverell, Partner and Investment Manager at Equilibrium, said they have been planning and working on this project for almost five years and they believe that the speed and extent of the take up from clients is unprecedented in the industry.

“All the careful preparation we put in has paid off as we have had a 100% take up rate from our clients,” said Colin.

“The launch went without a hitch and importantly without clients incurring costs. The project involved the whole team here at Equilibrium and everyone executed their individual tasks to perfection.”

Mike Deverell said: “Investments are always going to fall and rise over time, but our aim is to try and produce the best risk adjusted returns we can and to achieve our clients’ objectives without taking unnecessary risks.

“The launch of the IFSL Equilibrium funds will allow us to make a number of small improvements that over the long term are intended to add up to better risk adjusted returns.

“In investing returns can never be guaranteed, however, we feel that it’s all about the small enhancements, that if you can make them consistently over time, and when compounded over the long term can result in big differences for clients’ portfolios.”

It comes after Equilibrium recently announced that it had landed more than £100m of new assets under management in 2017.

Earlier this year Equilibrium also launched MyEQ – a one-stop-shop online finance portal.

The multi-functional portal gives users a snapshot into their finances, with the added abilities to keep track of investments, see a true picture of their net worth and even calculate property values.

Equilibrium was also crowned the fifth best small company to work for by The Sunday Times in 2017 and now manages more than £700m of assets for over 950 families.