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‘New cross-authority group launches to unite regulatory excellence expertise across Greater Manchester’

Business Growth Hub

Business Growth Hub today (Wednesday 1 November) partnered with Greater Manchester’s local authorities, Fire and Rescue Service, and the Federation of Small Businesses, to launch the Greater Manchester Regulatory Centre of Excellence (GMRCE).

The GMRCE is a Primary Authority offering that will provide a single point of access for advice covering all types of regulatory compliance. The GMRCE will be delivered by all 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester, and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

The GMRCE is open to any businesses that need support in complying with environmental health, trading standards or fire safety regulation. The scheme allows businesses to access robust and reliable advice, which will be used by all members of GMRCE when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance. Benefits include greater consistency, increased efficiency, compliance with legal requirements – all ultimately resulting in savings for Greater Manchester businesses.

Richard Jeffery, Director of Business Growth, Business Growth Hub, commented at the launch: “All businesses have a responsibility to comply with regulation. However, it’s not just a box-ticking exercise: by seeking advice to find the most efficient ways to ensure compliance, businesses can actually enhance growth.

“What we’re doing today is creating an organisation that offers reliable, business-friendly advice that makes regulation compliance consistent, reliable and cost-effective.”

Jim Taylor, Chief Executive, Salford City Council, added “Today’s announcement provides a lifeline to businesses across Greater Manchester, connecting them with regulatory expertise and advice that they know they can trust. Salford City Council is proud to be working with GMRCE’s partners to co-ordinate the partnership across Greater Manchester.”

The launch of GMRCE comes from Better Business for All, the Government initiative to bring together businesses and regulators to consider and change how local regulation is delivered and received.

Salford City Council acts as the gateway to the scheme and will co-ordinate the partnership agreement and access to advice across the Centre of Excellence.

Business Growth Hub is part of The Growth Company. To find out more about how to access the regulatory support, visit https://www.businessgrowthhub.com/services/business-regulation.