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Macclesfield-based UX agency Sigma appointed by Mind charity


Leading user experience (UX) agency, Sigma, has been appointed by Mind to improve the charity’s online support for those seeking guidance on mental health problems, as well as boost its engagement with supporters and key stakeholders.

Sigma will be providing expert advice and insight to ensure the charity’s new website, which is soon to be developed, better meets the needs of those who use the site to seek help, to get involved, or to find out more about the charity’s work.

Experts at Sigma have been specifically brought in to analyse how the charity currently communicates with its online users, identifying potential barriers to engagement and then designing new user journeys and other enhancements to improve the online experience.

The Sigma team will work closely with Mind’s digital team to ensure the new site provides the best possible experience for the diverse range of users who engage with Mind every day.

Sigma has vast experience in user-centred research, design and development, having delivered a number of similar, successful digital projects for organisations such as Sport England and Citizens Advice.

Managing director of Sigma, Hilary Stephenson, said: “As part of its new digital strategy, Mind is looking to provide an improved and integrated user experience for everyone that accesses its online platforms.

“Our team has been brought in to lay the groundwork for a user-centred design and development project, and advise on Mind’s digital strategy to ensure the new website is as user friendly as possible.

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected to work on this project with Mind. It’s a great opportunity for us and recognition of the work we do, placing us at the forefront of user experience research and design.”

Eve Critchley, Head of Digital at Mind, said: “We were keen to work with Sigma because of their user-focused approach and particular specialism around accessibility. Taking on their expertise we hope to make sure that people using our website get the best possible experience. This fits into a wider digital strategy that we have introduced which seeks to make our website more flexible for us to use, but more importantly, much easier and clearer for users to navigate. We are proud of the information and advice we offer through our website and look forward to working with Sigma to ensure we are able to reach even more people.”