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Rochdale businesswoman prepares to open recycling plant

MB Recycling
(From left to right) Tom Brown of PMD, Maxine Brown, director of MB Recycling Ltd, and Alan Bambroffe of Access to Finance.

A NEW plastic recycling plant is set to open in Rochdale, with the aim of reducing the amount of our plastic waste either being sent to landfill or exported to China.

Maxine Brown, managing director of MB Recycling Ltd, is in the final stages of opening the plant, after sourcing finance for the expansion of her business, which she launched after being made redundant, later reaching a £600,000 turnover in its fourth year.

Maxine said: “In the early days, I quickly found the same message was going around – either send the waste to landfill or export to China, both of these options seemed to go against the grain, environmentally. I had a brainwave and thought about setting up a recycling plant to encourage firms to keep everything in the UK instead of exporting, which has the added bonus of reducing our carbon footprint. This is especially important now as China is clamping down on the imports of waste plastic, so more than ever is being sent to landfill.”

The 6,500 sq ft plant in Heywood, Rochdale, has the capacity to recycle 300 tonnes per month and 4,000 tonnes annually. Maxine has now taken on three staff, including one apprentice.

The finance for Maxine’s new venture was sourced through Access to Finance and Oldham-based business finance firm, PMD.

Maxine said: “I was advised to speak to Tom at PMD about financing the equipment and machinery. I was surprised how quickly the finance came through, it was much faster than I thought and was a really easy and smooth process.”

Tom Brown, head of direct finance at PMD, said: “Supporting local businesses is very important to us at PMD. We work with a variety of firms, from start-ups to large corporates in a number of different industries. When Maxine contacted us regarding finance for the equipment she needed, we used our contacts and expertise in the industry to ensure we secured the best deal for her new business. We wish Maxine the best of luck for the future.”

Maxine added: “Recycling is a passion of mine. Huge savings can easily be made for companies when you consider it costs around £100 to send a tonne of waste plastic to landfill. But it isn’t just the cost implications, it’s better for the UK to keep it here. I’ve definitely seen a change in the perceptions of recycling over the years – word is spreading.

“When people find out what I do and what industry I’m in, I do get a surprised reaction sometimes as it is a typically male-dominated industry, but it’s definitely a good talking point.”