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Equilibrium Asset Management and former headteacher launch book in bid to bolster financial literacy in schools in the north west

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A headteacher and an award-winning chartered wealth management company have launched a book aimed at boosting financial literacy in primary schools.

Libby’s Big Aeroplane Adventure has been created by David Evans after Equilibrium Asset Management commissioned the project.

The story focuses on central character Libby, who flies from Toronto to Manchester to visit her grandparents, with the family having a financial budget to work to during her stay.

The book – recently introduced to six schools in the north west of England and North Wales – aims to boost children’s numeracy in a fun way and help teachers plan lessons.

David, who recently gave evidence to a Parliamentary Inquiry into the importance of teaching financial skills to young people, was handpicked by Wilmslow and Chester-based Equilibrium to carry out the project.

“We are delighted with Libby’s Big Aeroplane Adventure,” said 63-year-old David.

“And we want to now roll it out to other primary schools in both North Wales and north west England.

“Essentially Libby’s grandparents have a limited budget to spend on their granddaughter while she visits from Canada.

“Her adventure includes budgeting for a day out at a grudge local football match, going to see one of her favourite bands and also figuring out the differences in prices between the 1970s and now for items such as a loaf of bread.”

He added: “It’s a fun workbook that also includes the brilliant and loveable character Frizzle the chicken. Earlier this month we introduced it to teachers at six schools – Bodnant Community School, Prestatyn, Ysgol Cae’r Nant (Brookfield Primary), Connah’s Quay, Ysgol Bryn Deva, Connah’s Quay, Ysgol Tŷ Ffynnon, Shotton, Castle View Primary School and Runcorn Simms Cross Primary, Widnes – and they really engaged with it.”

Debbie Jukes, Partner at Equilibrium, which currently manages over £700 million of assets for over 850 families, said: “Financial literary is vital to primary education.

“We’d been thinking of ways in which we could help educate children in terms of numeracy and financial skills, and bearing in mind our financial planning background, David’s background fitted in nicely.

“The outcomes of working through the book are based on the requirements of the national curriculum – so whilst it helps children with their numeracy in a fun way, it also helps the teachers from a lesson planning point of view.”

She added: “As a teacher and trainer David has an excellent reputation. We are now hoping to take Libby’s Big Aeroplane Adventure into more schools.”