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Altrincham Storage Facility Completes Expansion

Altrincham Storage Facility Completes Expansion
The new extension to the Altrincham Smart Storage branch

Smart Storage’s £3million expansion to their Altrincham store will double the amount of lettable space currently available at the site.

The company’s flagship Altrincham store, based on Craven Road, off George Richards Way, has undergone the expansion to meet local demand for self-storage in the area.

Work is expected to finish soon, with the expansion scheduled to open for business in early October. It will provide an additional 25,000 square feet of lettable storage space, trade counters and offices at the branch.

The development has expanded the total amount of storage space available to over 45,000 square feet, with new storage space from 10 to 3500 square feet available.

Mike Wilson, CEO of Smart Storage, said: “We’re really excited to open the extension to our store in Altrincham, it’s going to provide a much-needed boost to the lettable space we have.

“Our main aim is to provide high quality, competitively priced self-storage services to both domestic and commercial users.

“Self-storage is perfect for local businesses, as space can be a real issue for smaller businesses in the local area.”

Following the extension, the Altrincham branch of Smart Storage now has 450 units, 20 offices and 3 trade counters available for both personal and business use.

Smart Storage, who have several self-storage sites based across the North West are looking to capitalise on increased demand for storage solutions.

Demand for storage has rocketed in recent times among UK residents, with almost half of all of Europe’s self-storage facilities found here.

Wilson went on to add: “We have seen a huge upturn in demand for self-storage over the past 12 months in the UK.

“A lot of our customers have been using our storage facilities for over two years now and there is more emphasis on long-term storage solutions.

“The new units are perfect for both domestic and commercial use, as we can offer a wide range of small and large units.”

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