Dean Hingley
Dean Hingley

Develop Training Ltd (DTL) has appointed Dean Hingley as Compliance Manager for Learning, Diversity & Development.

Dean is an experienced professional specialising in quality assurance and in learning and development provision, including the approval and audit of organisations, learning programmes and trainers. With nearly 20 years’ experience in training and apprenticeships, he brings with him key skills in lead verification and accredited centre management, apprenticeship management and consultancy, and the delivery and facilitation of training.

Dean joins DTL from Energy and Utility Skills where, as Quality Officer, he was responsible for the development and implementation of a quality framework.

He says: “I am looking forward to bringing my experience and practical, common sense approach to the integration of quality and compliance into DTL’s programme design and delivery.”

Away from work, Dean is a keen angler targeting big carp and in 2009 successfully caught a known big fish called ‘The Scar Fish’ at Les Graviers Lake on the outskirts of Dijon in France. The carp weighed a whopping 89.5lbs when Dean landed it, although it had weighed 99lbs when previously caught, setting a then world record.

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