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FIRMS OVERLOOK SAFETY in MECHANICAL SERVICES because they are focused on more obvious risks

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Companies are regularly overlooking the need for safety in mechanical services because they are blinkered by more obvious risks, warns compliance training specialist Develop Training Limited (DTL).

To raise awareness of mechanical safety – particularly relating to pressure systems – DTL has published a new white paper, Mechanical safety at work: developing competence with pressure systems for compliance.

Steve Braund, Marketing Manager of the company, which provides health and safety training to some of the biggest names in construction and energy, said: “While most companies recognise the need for ensuring electrical safety at work, policies and processes for mechanical safety are often overlooked. But mechanical services such as pressure systems can cause serious injury and damage if health and safety rules are not followed.”

Mr Braund points out that companies risk heavy fines and reputational damage if they allow incidents to occur: “It is vital that employers understand their duties and responsibilities, and have the correct systems and procedures in place, to ensure the safety of those operating and maintaining pressure systems and other mechanical services.”

The white paper recommends ensuring that there is sufficient competency in the business relating to working with pressure systems. That will allow for more efficient training programmes to be developed with external providers tailored to the company.

Mr Braund explained: “Developing competence in-house ensures that safe working policies and written systems of examination can be tailored to your individual equipment and process requirements and any sector-specific regulations, while still meeting professional standards.”

The white paper, the latest in a series from the company focused on major training issues, is available to download free at http://resources.developtraining.co.uk/download-mechanical-safety-at-work-whitepaper

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